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Feroz Construction has a reputation as a professional and one of the best and reliable architects in Islamabad

Whether you want to build a new home or office or make significant changes to an existing structure, you need to hire us. Feroz Construction has extensive experience in this area. Feroz Construction is an architectural firm consisting of a team of professionals with the necessary training and experience for the design and supervision of construction projects.

A unique and best team of architects in has numerous high end design and construction residential projects in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Murree  other  surrounding area upto Azad Kashmir .

We deal and are specialists in housing projects of all sizes. The services are designed to give customers a completely unique experience customized to the satisfaction of customer as well as recommended designs of our rich catologue. We believe in total harmony  between the client and the company , we essentially eliminate the stress of a construction project and the fear and hesitation of talking while working with builders. Because when you work with architects, you have to express yourself fully with them.

Excellence built at the lowest possible cost and most desirable duration has been the goal of Feroz Construction since day one.

We admire buildings which, in the end, are those which highlight in different ways the values ​​that we consider valuable, also unique in terms of colours, shapes, materials, legendary positive qualities such as robustness, kindness and intelligence.

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Complete Renovation Embassy Staff Residence

Renovation & Remodeling Services in Diplomatic Enclave Islamabad

Feroz Construction has completed a number of successful renovation and new construction projects in Islamabad. Recently we have done renovation of Ambassador Staff Residence Block in Indonesian Embassy, along with Ambassador Residence Kitchen, and few other jobs. We team of professional dealing with multiple construction & renovation projects in embassies, multi-nation companies and NGO’s.  We are familiar with the unique requirements of diplomatic…

Prefabricated Construction of Faculty Cabins in Islamabad

Feroz Construction has completed project of faculty cabins in pre fabricate steel structure construction in Health Services Academy Islamabad. We also completed number of successful Pre-Feb construction in Islamabad.
We pride ourselves on providing construction services in education institutes / school, colleges and universities with the best possible value and performance through good subcontracting relationships, detailed estimates, budgets, thorough submissions and documentation, thorough project planning and ongoing communication.
Feroz Construction has the experience and skills to…

4 Marla House in D-12 (25 x 40)

Feroz Construction Recently deliverd a 4 Marla (25×40) house in D-12/4.  A turnkey construction Project, Margalla Face plot with basement floor.

Construction of Building in Mirpur

Design and Construction of Commercial Building.

We are Offering Servies in Islamabad & Rawalpindi

Feroz Construction provides turnkey solution in both residential  and commercial sectors. From land selection to soil tesitng, archetectural and structural design and  land escavation, to raising of grey structure to finishinig,; you name it we will respond to all your desires.  Our catologue of already completed projects is a glimpse of our professional acuman and taste in architectural engineering invovations.

Architecture and Design

Feroz Engineering and Construction is proud to be one of the most advanced, passionate and skilled teams of designers and architects. We have worked
Architectural Design

Soil Testing Services

Feroz Construction provides Soil Testing / Geo technical Investigation for its Client. Soil analysis before building a house is one of the most important
Construction Engineering Services

Waterproofing & Termite

Feroz Construction also provide services in Roof waterproofing, termite treatment, bitumen services in Islamabad. We have skilled worker, in the field of waterproofing services.
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Renovation and Remodeling

If you increase the value of your property before buying or selling a home, wait until you own a property and have the opportunity

Property Management

We offer a wide range of wealth management services with developers, landlords and investors. We strive to effectively manage the daily requirements of your

Engineering Solutions

Each project is unique. Some customers need a quick construction schedule. Others need very low construction costs to get a return on investment. Some
Engineering Services