FEC is proud to be one of the most advanced, passionate and skilled teams of designers and architects. We have worked on all types of projects, but house construction is our area of expertise some of which is detailed as under:

  1. Designing of residential projects, Villas & Farm houses
  2. Designing of commercial projects, Plaza, Residential Towers
  3. Architectural, Structural and HVAC drawings of projects.
  4. Designing of Banks, Hospital & Education Institute.
  5. Designing of 3D of projects.
  6. Interior decorating for outlets & offices.

For us, architecture is the belief that our design skills, ideas and problem-solving skills can turn your aspirations and dreams into reality. In other words, it's a reality that exceeds your expectations. For us, architecture not only reflects beautiful elevations, but also dreams, lifestyles and life-long experiences. We are excellent at responding to all these factors in the most subtle way.


Each project is unique. Some customers need a quick construction schedule. Others need very low construction costs to get a return on investment. Some customers demand exceptional build quality. With each project we oversee, we begin to make sure that we clearly understand the specific needs of our customers and bring together the best building design and construction team in the industry to meet those needs. We then use our proven building management practices to ensure the success of each project.

The construction industry can be tough. Cost overruns occur. Delays are too common. Quality workmanship is always a concern .Crafts are always a concern. Open and honest communication is sometimes difficult to find. If you are planning a construction project and need someone on hand to always look after your interests, call us today.Our responsibilities when serving as the General Contractor include:

  • Topography
  • Geological Survey
  • Soil Testing
  • Structure
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • CC TV
  • Solar Power for Projects
  • Site Evaluation


FEC is one of the best construction company in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. Providing “TURN KEY” solutions to its clients. From land selection to design, construction and architectural interiors, Procurement of a prestigious quality of material and serving the best quality of workmanship.  We guide you in a professional and efficient way at every stage.

The most important challenges we face during construction are controlling costs in every way possible and meeting customer demand with the best materials and perfect finishes.

For us, the fundamental principle of achieving quality in construction is that "there is no short cut to quality." We not only follow technical standards, but also take another step forward to ensure that everything that goes into the implementation of our projects also meets technical standards as well. Connect to the workforce, hire the most talented masons and craftsmen, ensuring that the best hands are involved.

We provide construction services for all type of residential units like houses, villas and farm houses, as well we have deliver multiple projects in commercial sectors, like in plaza, apartments, hospital, institutes and outlets.


Recently we have finished our projects in, CDA sector D-12, Naval Anchorage, DHA 2, Bahria Enclave and Sector I-8. We provide our services in Gulberg Green, Gulberg Residencia, CDA sectors, Defense Housing Authority (DHA), and Bahria Town, Bahria Enclave, Park City, and MPCHS E-11, F-17 & B-17 and also other prominent areas of Islamabad, and Rawalpindi as well.


If you increase the value of your property before buying or selling a home, wait until you own a property and have the opportunity to renew or repair a future project.

FEC assists with all of the above.

We’ve put together a few elements from the best renovation sources, and developed expert tips from experts to develop innovative refinements to renovate every part of your home into a more functional and beautiful space.


At FEC, we believe that "Interior Design" and "Interior Design" do wonders and transform empty space into "Treasure Chest of Life".

This philosophy applies to how interior design works in all of our projects, whether residential, commercial or hotel interior design.

Our feeling of interior design is seamlessly transformed into a commercial and friendly design, offering a unique and intimate quality for everyone.

FEC provides a wide range of interior design services. We can help you choose everything that happens inside or outside the house. We help our valuable clients with their choice and design, not relying solely on the builder and the standard materials used by him. In addition, we will also help you choose plumbing accessories, hardware and lighting too.

In a frequently used room such as a kitchen, we can make sure that the layout matches your workflow and specific needs and can ultimately help you design your style. Designs that are specific to a particular room or house can be designed to ensure that the design is thoughtful. We can assist you in the design and layout of custom built-in closets and closets.

Depending on each room in the house, the cupboards and pantry can be tailor-made for function and aesthetics. Overall, we will make sure your new home is right for you and your needs.


Contractors aim to design the project to be completed on time and within budget as we gather code, services, and specifications. Parameters, money, and calendars were issued; they focus on recruitment and field staff, the team mentors the project.

Planning begins before the project begins, including selecting the best construction policy, preparing the structure / program, and arranging resources. It uses daily and weekly plans throughout the life of the project to ensure that all projects are completed. At FEC, we are confident that we will communicate well with our customers.


We offer a wide range of wealth management services with developers, landlords and investors. We strive to effectively manage the daily requirements of your assets. The FEC is committed to creating valuable assets and observing asset value, while making ambitious efforts to improve the community. A talented team will elaborate on the best strategy to price in a growing market. But there are few property management services.


Our main specialization for house construction services in Islamabad, Some of our special services are below:


Electrical work including renovations, lights fans circuit breakers etc.


You find the best sealing services in Islamabad by hiring our professional sealers.


We provide you all kind of best fiber glass work with excellent and un matchable quality.


We have skilled professionals who can develop architectures of houses and commercial buildings perfectly


We offer best plumbing services in Islamabad. Our Plumbers are skilled, trained and professional


We are a renowned organization, engaged in contracting and offering attractive tile and marble service to clients


We provide all kind of carpeting service and complete services forHome & office renovation.


We are One of the best building designers of Islamabad, with a team of expert designers


We have professional painters which can paint your house at very affordable price according to your needs


We provide you with complete welding services, through our highly skilled employees and latest technology


Our home repair contractors can save you the time and money it would otherwise cost you to replace your broken fixtures


Our experienced team of highly skilled persons can do all kind of civil work perfectly to your satisfaction