Grey Structure Contractor in Islamabad

The grey structure is the most important element in any home. All the surface treatment of the house is based on the workmanship and quality of the material used in the gray structure.Building a high-quality gray house in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is our expertise at Feroz Construction. A + Gray’s structure includes high-quality material procurement, robust facility design, personnel management, workmanship quality assurance, material application inspection, and monitoring of the hundreds of components needed to build a high-quality gray structure of a house or building.

Feroz Construction is easy way to build a best quality grey structure house in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. All you need a phone call to Feroz Construction Islamabad, to get best per square feet price of construction.Every step of grey structure will be easy and you will enjoy construction of grey structure with highest quality materials. Feroz Construction is offering low cost per square foot for grey structure in Islamabad & Rawalpindi with top quality raw materials. Our solid structure will provide beautiful and sturdy house which last for decades.

Our quotes for grey structure in Islamabad & Rawalpindi are most accurate with top quality material. We use following most expensive material in Grey Structure:

  1. Sand ( Lawrencepure & Ghazi)
  2. Bricks First Class (PR-1. #33)
  3. Aggregate (Margalla)
  4. Steel (Fazal / Karachi & Itehad )
  5. Cement (Bestway / Lucky / Foji)
  6. PVC (Dadex / Popular / Master)
  7. PPRC (Dadex / Popular /Master fit)
  8. Termite Proofing
  9. Seepage Treatment
  10. Electric Conduits & Boxes
  11. Door Frames

With these high-quality material and best masonry work, we offer best price for grey structure. Prime quality material plays a vital role in construction of the house. We use best quality materials, which will give your house a beautiful looks and years long life to your house. Our buildings will tough against harsh weather and will stay solid for decades.

Construction Stages

  1. Site Leveling
  2. Conducting Soil Investigating / Soil Testing
  3. Lyout Floor Plans
  4. Excavation of Plot
  5. RCC Foundation Work
  6. Brick Work / Masonary Work
  7. Plinth Beam and Slab – steel work
  8. Structure Columns
  9. Roof Structure
  10. Electric Conduits and Plumbing PPR & UPVC work